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Coming Across Ancient Projects

Years ago I was home with my little ones and my mom was working in Concord, Ma at Concord's Colonial Inn at the front desk. She also managed their little gift shop, which continued to grow as she put her head down and did their purchasing and set up for them there. Somehow the opportunity came up for me to do a painting of the inn, which ended up on their t-shirts and mugs (I believe we also made note cards, which were sold at the front desk). At some point, with life changes, and Mom moving to Gloucester when I did in 2006, that side of my business dropped away. 

I just came across the paintings in my flat files in my studio, as I am using the snowy cold season to archive every piece of work in my possession.  They are also for sale on my website, the direct link to the section for purchase is in the Other Places & Other Things section. (and scroll down to the bottom, they are sitting right there)