When I was young, my father moved an art table into my walk-in closet to create an “art room”.  Since then, I have been creating works of art, be it house sculptures made of Styrofoam packaging as a five year old, finger paints in grade school, or years later, watercolors filled with bright pigment.

Named Memory in honor of the mother of the nine creative muses of Greek mythology, I received my BA in Studio Art from Principia College in 1995. When I was first experimenting with watercolors in college, paintings came out muddled, dark and gray.   My father, an artist in Los Angeles, suggested I paint in the dark, therefore over-compensating the light difference.  Bright and vivid color is now the common draw to my work.

Much to his chagrin,  I often ignored the assignments of the one professor who coached me through my four-year degree in the art department.  I despised preliminaries and discussion about my work in class.  I often created my own projects that would tie in to a given assignment in a remote way. I managed to pass my art classes with flying colors, so to speak, resulting in unique large pieces of work.

In addition, I have always been inspired to paint objects up close, specifically florals and fruit.  I tend to keep a whimsical and childlike flair to landscape and architecture paintings and often enjoy representing recognizable scenes in such a style.

Working primarily in watercolors, I have exhibited in Woodstock, VT, Pacific Palisades, CA, Boston, MA and Gloucester, MA.  Gloucester is where I live and paint in my home studio while raising my two daughters.

My original paintings hang in many private collections and prints and cards featuring my work are especially popular. Commissioned works have included watercolors, children’s room murals, and specialty pieces of furniture.